Billing Policy

Bill Payment / Cancellation Policy

Trainer Direct, LLC


Trainer Direct, LLC uses Paypal as its Credit Card Processing and Payment system. Paypal is the most secure, most popular form of internet payment.

Beginning with your first month, you will receive a monthly bill for the upcoming month. After we decide what days are best for you to train, we will formally schedule our workouts.

For example: If we decide that Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 P.M. are your workout days. We will record it in the calendar and confirm the dates.

Within a day, you will receive a Paypal invoice via e-mail for the next eight sessions (2 x week, for the next 4 weeks). All you will have to do is respond to the e-mail, by typing in your password and accepting the charges.

Of course you can still pay by check or cash, but payment will still be expected for the upcoming month. Please make your check payable to Trainer Direct, LLC


All sessions require a 24hr cancellation period. Any session canceled outside of 24hrs can be rescheduled or applied to the next month without penalty. Any session canceled within 24hrs will be forfeit.

Any sessions left unused at the end of the month will be applied to your account for the upcoming month.

All sessions are 55 minutes.

The charge for sessions is $125.00 per hour.


Trainer Direct trainers strive for excellence. Your trainer should never be late. In the event of your trainer’s lateness (it is New York City) you will be credited for the time you have spent waiting in full at that session if time permits, with the addition of the time to your next session or applied to your future sessions in a mutually agreed upon credit.

Should you be late for your scheduled session your session will end at the scheduled time and you will forfeit the lateness.

Missed Sessions:

In the event your trainer must cancel a session within 24hrs you will be assigned a substitute trainer. In the event that there is no substitute available you will be credited for the missed session and credited for the next session. The credit for our missed session will be applied to your next billing cycle.


We are a service business and your satisfaction is of our highest concern. If at any time you are not satisfied with our service you may terminate your monthly sessions and request a full refund. We cannot refund any sessions already used but will refund any unused sessions.икони