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Trainer Direct is just me and I make house calls! Anywhere on the island of Manhattan. If you have a gym in your building or if you have a coffee table we have to move out of the way to use a 4 x 5 foot space, Trainer Direct will be there with the highest quality personal training and personal attention to help you get the results you deserve.

If you feel that you would be better served and reach a higher level of motivation and success then you can come to one of several convenient Manhattan locations:

Harry Hanson Fitness in SoHo or just below Union Sq offer quiet but cool surroundings and full amenities including showers and towels with NO Gym Fee.

Elysium Fitness on West 72nd Street between Columbus and Amsterdam has high end showers, locker rooms, a full cardio theater including private listening stations and 3 wide screen TV’s and two weight rooms at your disposal for a reasonable monthly fee.

Work – Train – Fight on Broadway has changing rooms, showers, towels and no membership fee for clients who wish to use a personal trainer.

At this time Trainer Direct is looking to fill two time slots: 6am on the upper west side M, W, F and 4-6pm Tue, Thur in the downtown area.

Simply Look to your left and click the Contact link to send me a message.

And here’s the thing… I just want you and I to have a conversation. If you are struggling with any aspect of your fitness life… let me know. I can help you.

All we’ll do is talk via email. I promise I will do everything I can to help you along YOUR path and if it turns out we should have a conversation about working together then we will do that – but first let’s just open a channel and figure out where you are at and how you can make another step forward.


Jason White, CSCS